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In the age of technology, where we all are bombarded with a variety of dating apps.
Online dating is quite convenient than dating in real life. Not only its convenient but also effective in a busy work schedule. Recently launched, EveEve app has come up with a stunning concept of dating.
I know, I know you might be wondering how you will get a match that will perfectly accompany you.
Here’s a little trick that will let you know how zodiac sign and dating goes hand-in-hand.

Dating,according to zodiac sign

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Aries, head of the zodiac sign who love to talk a lot. When it comes to dating Aries, tend to be more upfront and will tell you directly if they are really into you. They are not a kind of person who will sit back and waste time on anyone. They will always love to take the incharge of whatever they do be it love or anything! Dating them might feel like you are dealing with a challenge. But in the end, it is worth it.


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When it comes to dating, Taurus is slow to express their feelings. They take their own pleasure time to figure out whether they should date the person or not. But once they trigger their eyes on you, they will make you the apple of their eyes.
With lots of romance and passion, they will always keep love in the air with little cheesy pickup lines or by their small gesture.


This sign will always be up for deep connection. They love intellectual bonding.Dating them will be like you are on a rollercoaster, one moment they might be calm and loving another moment they might be something else! You just need to know that Gemini’s unpredictable behavior and love them fearlessly. So, when they say they like you or love you believe them. Cause confession coming from them is really like a once in a blue moon.


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For cancer, love is rare. They will never fall for you if they are not comfortable around you. They will date you if you appreciate the real person that they always hide under the skin. They are sensitive people and put up walls easily if anything bothers them.
Dating them will definitely grant you with the most loving and caring person in this universe.


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Lion of the zodiac world, Leo love to be loved!!
If you are dating Leo, you need to remember they love you and will never be afraid to show their love towards you. With aggressive and attentive nature, they tend to like attention from their partner. Winning Leo’s heart will be one of the best thing you will ever achieve.


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Virgo, crave for someone who makes them feel home. They always tend to be the most picky while spending time with people. They will be selective and would love to woo you around. They are the quiet conservative towards everything in life. So, when they give a piece of their heart to you note that it’s a long-term promise. If you’re dating Virgo, you need to have patience with them. Once they know they can trust you, they will be one of the best adventure you will ever experience in your life.


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The best charming sign of zodiac world will always keep you happy with their super flirty and funny vibes. They will always do their best to make you feel attractive and vibrant. If you are dating libra know that they will be there and will try to understand you. They tend to have balance in every aspect of their life. Don’t rush them, let the libra take their own time.


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Scorpio is all about deep, intense bonding and affection. They will only let you in when they are 100% sure that you’re the one. Dating them will a little tricky as they tend to be a mystery unless and until they know you perfectly. All you have to do is, to be honest, loyal and passionate about love towards them.Once you get Scorpio, mark my words they will never ever leave your side till their last breath!


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Sagittarius, this sign chase the thrill in the life.No matter what they will always search for something exciting that will make their life interesting. Dating them will be like adventure as they are full of free spirit person. Love to enjoy each and every second of their life. They just want someone who can be with them in every situation. Devotion is key to the heart of Sagittarius.


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If your date is Capricorn, keep them close cause you just got lucky. Dating Capricorn they will be a little moody but its only for the time being. To know if they really into you observe them, they will always want to spend their time with you. They love fearlessly. They will include you in everything be it function or little get together with friends.


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Aquarius is one of hard sign to be in a relationship. But it’s all about the efforts. Quirky ideal Aquarius tend to put up walls around them. Dating them will be little time taking process due to their past, but they put down their guard they are all yours. They are the weirdos of zodiac sign who love someone who stimulates their intellect. They love someone who expresses their feelings and inspire them entirely.


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Dating Pisces might not be like other zodiac sign. It’s one of the go with the flow type of zodiac sign. This sign has a very soft spot for romance in their life. They love little things like candlelight dinner, a walk, etc. They are one of the kindest soul of the zodiac sign. Talk about everything, they love to talk about dreams, goals, and hopes. So get ready to explore this dreamy sign!