Ways to be Romantic with your woman

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ways to be romantic with your woman
It is very common that people nowadays meet on dating apps like EveEve which bring you genuine people who are looking for meaningful relationships and not just hookups. Apps like EveEve are amazingly suitable for Indian dating culture. When the EveEve Cupid has found that someone special for you and you have been dating your woman of dreams for too long, and you have a beautiful story to tell people about how you met. Unlike our cinemas, we don’t always live happily ever after there are many ups and downs that everybody has to face in their relationships. Once you get out of the honeymoon period, then is when you start realizing the flaws of the other but when you love someone, you avoid paying attention to their shortcomings. Also, many times you fail to express your love for them but here are a few tips that could help you keep the fervor in your relationship with her.

Voice your feelings

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Saying what you feel for her is an essential thing that you must always do. You need not keep telling her repeatedly but the small stuff which men forget telling her that she is pretty, he loves her or even sometimes things like her opinion matters to him. Many times it is seen that men avoid expressing their fears or problems they are going through, but it is okay to voice even these feelings to your partner. Communicating about how you feel when in certain situations could add more romance to your life.

Her Emotional Radar

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Women are considered to be very emotional but are also emotionally very strong when compared to men. You might feel that she is too clingy, but yes she might need you much then you could think. There are times when she needs a shoulder or just someone with whom she can talk about anything. Also when she is going through mood swings during menses, it is when she needs you to be with her. Being on her emotional radar could attract her more and keep the ardor alive in you both.

Cook together

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You might have never cooked before, but many psychologists believe that the romance between the couple blooms more when you both help each other doing some household work. Cooking could be one of the chores that can be enjoyed and completed as teamwork. It is okay to sometime step into the kitchen and ask her if she needs help. Doing this will showcase you as a caring partner.

Buy Meaningful gifts

Not always buying expensive gifts could make her happy. Sometimes it is imperative that you put your thoughts when you buy something for her. Not to show others how much she matters to you but occasionally certain gifts are only understood by her, and that could mean nothing to others but will be very special for her. For instance, if she ever mentioned her passion for learning something new, you can get her registered for that specific course, and this will surprise her also she will cherish this gift, and it will be with her forever.

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EveEve YouTube team surveyed what do millennials in Mumbai think about the expensive gifts and personalised gifts.Source: EveEve App

Spend Alone time

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You are a very successful and hardworking professional, but you must spend some alone time with your woman. She loves spending time with your family and friends, but you who connect her with all these people are expected to spend much of quality time with her. This could be some lazy day at home or just a walk on a beach. This alone time could help you develop a better bonding and help you both understand each other.

Acknowledge her

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It happens many times that men fail to acknowledge their woman’s presence. You may have been the only responsible one for your success, but there is no harm in appreciating her that she stood by you when you struggled. Acknowledging her is telling her that you are proud that she is part of your life and also has her role in your success.

Small hugs work

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Running into the busy streets for work, to grow and succeed in life little time we get to spend with our loved ones. Every little moment that you spend with your woman is special for her. To add more love to it, little hugs work a lot. According to the survey, psychologists believe that hugging your loved ones could decrease the level of stress they feel. Also, a 20 seconds hug builds a feeling of trust.
These are a few things that you must try when you are in a relationship and want it to flourish romantically. Also tips for women to make their partners feel the romance Ways to be romantic with your man.Romance is not just the intimacy between the couple but the little things that we forget to express. These tips mentioned above could help you and your partner add more romance to your life.