Thoughts men have when they date a Successful Women

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Does EveEve get you people who have a stable career?

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EveEve dating has grown successfully into Indian markets, and we see it changing the dating standards in India. Where online dating then was thought of having a one night stand but now with EveEve, it gives you a meaningful relationship to boast about. Back then we had a pressure of somebody judging us using dating apps to find our match. But EveEve is where you can find your probable match by adding many preferences you also get an option of the profession that you can choose from and even the annual income. Nothing so surprising about this feature. The reason EveEve has added this feature is people when looking for their soulmate look for somebody with stability.

When he meets a woman more successful.

Now that there is an option of not just adding your hobbies and likes as your preferences to find you a match, but also the annual income and your profession. There is a high possibility that you will meet somebody who has a stunning professional attitude and could be someone you are looking for. But what happens when a boy meets a woman who is more professionally successful. Some thoughts that boys have when they match with a more successful woman.

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EveEve has this amazing feature which allows you to find your probable match by adding profession and annual income in the preference.The possibility of meeting good professionals increase.Source: EveEve App

He gets Insecure.

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When the boy has found his match on EveEve, but she has a stable career. This is the point where he might get insecure not about her not liking him but about his own career. The mindset of being financially stable than the girl you are dating or wanting to marry seems to vanish with time. Yet there are a few who might get a little insecure, but one must just not be so judgemental and get insecure it is how you like each other.

Inferiority complex

Since ages women were considered to be inferior in comparison to men. It is now that we see people getting out of this ethos and considering both sexes to be equal be it anything. Nothing has stopped women from growing, but sometimes her growth can make the boy feel inferior. Having a more successful partner can make the boy feel inferior. There have been many Indian cinemas on this very subject of being subordinate to your partner. But it is imperative for boys to understand that she has proved her capabilities and you need not feel inferior but appreciate and celebrate her success.

She must Be Dominating.

“She is successful, she must be dominating.” You must stop judging her immediately boys. The most common thought about the woman who is efficacious is that she is dominant. If you think that her decision-making abilities or to take authority of any challenging situation is being dominant, then you must correct yourself. She is just the girl with confidence who can carry herself well.

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Every person has a different thought.There are many that consider women to be the power and so does EveEve.EveEve believes that women are gaining success and we must appreciate them.Source: EveEve App

Support System

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Now that the thoughts seem to change when you look for your soulmate. When you find a match on EveEve, who is at the top of the ladder and is doing better in life. Men understand her and do not consider her as a competitor but as their support system. Some boys could have thoughts like the above, but many men consider such ideas as outdated. They believe such women to be their support system in hard times and feel no shame in being less successful than her.

Independent girl

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It is the large number of men that prefer a girl who is independent. She is resolute and keeps decision-making abilities. She need not depend for anything on the other; also she can take charge of the financial decisions.

Developing together.

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When choosing a partner with better professional stability the most essential part that men give a thought to is the development of both in the relationship. Developing together is significant because nobody is perfect and both must learn from each other. Always the other teaches you something. It is okay to learn some better tactics of how she succeeded in her career. Cherish her achievements and feel the pride in her success too.