Things that make women look HOT…

Hot or Not

As EveEve always says that the looks don’t really matter in a relationship. You need not look like a supermodel to find yourself a date on the EveEve app. But it is essential that you understand ladies the little things you do unknowingly seem to attract men. Your man notices these things, and this keeps him into you. So ladies here are a few things in the list below that make you look hot and keep in mind it is not about your face but how you carry yourself.

Good Posture

A significant thing to keep in mind when you dating someone. He has seen your pictures, and you look amazingly beautiful but don’t be tedious when you meet him. It is your posture that shows how active you are when you meet people. So maintaining a proper stance when you stand or sit is very important. Do not lean over the table when you sit in a restaurant. If you sit or stand hunched back, it portrays you to be disinterested.

Being Polite

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Politeness cost nothing and also adds to your beauty. Being courteous to others shows that you are approachable. It shows that you respect others and treat people with quality behavior. But when it comes to being polite, it is not just your family and friends but also the new people you meet and the staff that works at the places you visit. Your man will have a close look at your behavior and being considerate to people around you will not only gain you his attention but also respect from others.

Sense of Humor

Sense of humor EveEve india

A most common thing that men consider to be hot in women is the sense of humor. Humor adds to your beauty. Girls look very pretty when they smile but look hot when they make someone smile or laugh. Your sense of humor could make him want more from you, so be the happy go lucky girl.

Messy hair

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It is not possible to have that same diva look you had on the first date with him but attention ladies men do like messy hair. When you are in a hurry and need to meet him urgently, it is okay to tie a messed up bun. Meeting him with such hair could make him feel that you are comfortable with him.

That little black dress

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It is important you have this in your wardrobe, ‘the little black dress.’ The color black gives you a very bold look, and also men are attracted to a woman wearing black. So a color that adds magic and with no too much efforts gives you a hot look.


self confidence

Wearing makeup, ornaments to add to your beauty but wearing confidence adds instant hotness to your look. Men like women who carry themselves with confidence and find it more attractive than that just your appearances. Your looks may last for next few years, but the believing yourself remains forever.

The Indian Wardrobe

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When it comes to impressing your man wearing something that makes you look hot, it is not always the western outfits, but the Indian wardrobe can do wonders. Many men prefer seeing their woman wearing an Indian outfit so be it a salwar, saree or even a simple kurta it all works.

So, ladies, these are a few things that make you look hot, and many of you must have already tried all of these and if not, try them and see the magic it does.