Things that make men look hot!

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Gentleman or boy or a hot guy, well everyone has their own definition of attractive or sexy that not everyone might agree on. But have you ever thought what turns women on or want to meltdown? So these are not specific hotness order it is just what women observe in guys that make them say the two specific words “He’s hot.”
The world is full of dreamy girls. They have their own preferences for “hot guys.” Just like that, there are few things every girl think they find it hot when they see the men!

The following are popular things that every woman finds hot.

The way they dress

The way men dress on EveEve date
Yes! Your dressing is very much necessary when it comes to impressing a woman. You cannot just show up to date in shorts or a lousy shirt.
Women don’t ask for extreme as long as its clean cut and simple with neutral colors like white, black, grey navy with a leather jacket or any jacket suit of your preference and, some jeans and decent shoes. Unless it’s a classy date where you plan your dinner in a five-star restaurant, then you have to dress well.

Suites, Tie, Tuxedos

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Yes, boys, you have to pay attention to this, as much as women like you in casuals they also go crazy when men wear suits and tie or a Tuexdo with some classy shoes. Great shoes and outfits are one of the first things a woman notices in a man’s style. This high-class look has been quite popular for a long time.
It is said that when you’re in sync with your sense of purpose, it sends a strong signal that affects the “aura” you give off – and even the clothes you wear.
So remember how you can look classy as well as hot at the same time when you go for your menswear style.

The hoodie guy

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Hoodies are nothing less than any other clothing, hoodies basically fit well with any casual outfit, and yeah most of you use hoodies on a regular basis. Well yes, the hoodies are in trend amongst the girls, they like the hoodie guys.

Men In Black

Men in black
We all know black is a fabulous color. And if a guy wears it, all women out their will definitely agree they find it attractive.Black defines well with everyone especially with men, no women deny that they don’t find a guy attractive in black clothes whether it is from head to toe or partially styled with your casuals, the color perfectly fits everywhere. Especially Men in Black Suits, nothing is as hot as a guy wearing a black suit.


things that makes a guy look hot
You know how little things on anyone glow up their personality in a second. Accessorising your casuals look is also important, but it is also not necessary to go overboard. That’s the thing about accessories! Imagine if your EveEve date wears a wristwatch with casuals outfit, sound cool right?
Sometimes, even a little ring on pinky finger gets amazing compliments.

Features that make a man attractive

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If you carefully observe a man, you will find them attractive by few things which you might have ignored at first glance.
Often we fail to notice the eyes. The art that eyes portray is always inevitable. Eyes are key to the soul. Observe his eyes, the entire intense gaze with long eyelashes will never fail to amaze you.
The second you stare at the guy, your attention will be drawn towards his jawline. Women’s are attracted towards it. Strong and sharp jawlines look smart and decisive. It highlights the prominent face of any man.

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Our love investigation team decided to get the actual view on what the people of mumbai thinks on things that makes a girl or guy look hot.
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Today’s youth is crazy for beard guys. 80% of women as interviewed voted they would love to date the bearded guy. But there are a few who prefer a clean shaved man based on their face structure.

Sakht Londa

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“Sakht Launda” is the one who is the toughest challenge for a girl. The “Sakht Launda” is the kind of guy who is quite upfront about his feelings and actions as well as he might not do things that you would expect from a guy. Well, it is also the punchline used for the guys who have gone cold towards the feelings of the girl. But then too girls still love them. Yes, girls are head over heels for this kind of guy, and they work hard to gain his attention.

The little things he does

Apart from facial and dressing style, the little things men do that women are crazy about! You might never know, but women do find your little crazy things attractive.

When he smirks

These small smirks are quite sexy boys it can swoosh a woman right off her feet.
When he is not afraid to dance like a goof: When he is not afraid to be himself and enjoy the moment by moving his hips.

When he pays attention

Girls like a guy who would pay attention to them, it is not just their words but also how she dresses well or what kind of activity she likes to do. Paying attention is not like you give your entire attention or time to them, it’s like just noticing the small things when you least expect it.

when they speak in a soft and deep voice

The soft sexy voice is enough to turn on a woman.
The accent of your speech is also what is observed by women. Women like the deep voice and really enjoy a conversation when boys speak in that accent.