EveEve changing the dating standards in India..

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Striking a balance between hookups& relationships

EveEve changing thinking process in india
India is a land which is famous for its unique creations and culture which are still as incredible since the beginning of time. To live up with it, recently India is blessed with a new dating app-EveEve which not only thinks about Indian culture but also thinks the way we portray love in this modern techno world. It has many things which itself prove that are unique! EveEve is balancing between dating and our Indian culture.

EveEve love guru’s [krish and kiara]

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EveEve brings you two love guru’s which will be with you every time, everywhere. Not just a technical question but you can ask anything from love advice till how to set up your profile. Tips and tricks to impress your date.EveEve love guru’s Krish and Kiara are user-friendly. They will guide you with each and every obstacle.

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EveEve app communities
Yes.EveEve is quite impressive as it came up with communities based on your interests, passion, etc. It came up with exciting communities like travel trip, photography, Bollywood movies, barbecue club. Based on your personal interest, you can find your partner. Many of them have already found their soulmate over here.
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No bar of appearance

No bar of appearance
Love in the time of dating app is quite hard to find, but it’s not that hard as seems to be! Today’s youth is so obsessed with looks that it has forgotten to acknowledge the beauty lies in the human soul.EveEve app has a narrowed down the boundary of the beauty by adding a feature that is very effective in finding a perfect match for everyone.No one has to hide behind the bar giving reasons. In the end, beauty lies in the eyes of the person.
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EveEve helps to rewrite the Indian dating culture

EveEve helps to rewrite the indian dating culture
In the rapidly developing country like India, its challenging to find love in the midst of the chaotic, busy life. Embracing the Indian culture with the little-westernized style of dating, EveEve is rewriting the dating rules in India. With the user-friendly interface, eveeve helps the user to find their match. Let’s rewrite the Indian culture with the eveeve app. In the end, change begins with us.