Do looks really matter in a relationship?

do looks matter

Attraction matters?

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Over a decade, we all human beings know that attraction matters a lot. Even on dating app, the swiping right depends on how attractive he/she is!Beauty is the first thing we look up to when we observe a person.On a recently held interview, we found that women’s are fascinated by physique, the way men who roll his sleeves up to show off his forearms, his jawline, and many even say they observe the eyes of a person. Whereas men are more attracted towards how the women look, her face and how she carries herself by confidence, etc. But, the recently launched in India EveEve App has seen beyond the beauty by adding diet, hobbies.

In the end, its all about compatibility!

do looks matter in relationship
There is a saying “Summer and Winter were not supposed to fall in love.”Eventually, beauty fades away, but how we are compatible with each other matters a lot.No matter how much you admire the outer beauty in the end real connection lies in that vibe when we are with the person.EveEve app has many communities which are based on user interest like Nightfire and clubbing, gaming, gyming, photography, sports, etc.

Inner beauty

Yes. Inner beauty is the key.
Almost all the time, you might notice the person’s physical appearance, but the real thing starts when inner beauty starts its attraction game!!
You may talk to a person for a while and find how charming, alluring they actually are in reality. Gradually, you will start to pick thoughts, communication skills, sense of humor of the person which are equally ruling in the relationship.

The myth we all are living on

We, Indians have a huge craze of Bollywood. Many of you must have funny stories related to it. Bollywood is putting an impression that we should always look like this and this set of qualities must be in my soulmate. Really we actually prone to it so much that we forget about everything. We point out flaws in each other quickly. Just like that if a guy feels he looks great with the beard on himself, while the other guy says he doesn’t like a beard on him. To the third guy, they are just ordinary guys. Beauty is just a perception that begins from within.

Beauty ages…

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Yes. You read it correctly beauty ages.
You might find some people attractive in the way they dress, the way their physique is, or how handsome the guy is! But the truth is beauty ages. As the time passes, we human being evolve into a person we were always meant to be since the beginning of time.
Because the soul, the smile, the vision, that spark the person has, the person cannot be replicated into someone else.
I guess that’s what makes us unique!!
What do you think of it?

Do looks matters in a relationship??
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September 10, 2018