Beauty hacks for your first date

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“People will stare so make worth their while” is what the beauty quotes. But in a fast-paced life, it’s quite hard to keep up with the beauty routines especially when you are hard-pressed with life, and it’s not possible to visit the salon every time when you are running late for your special meetings. If you are going for your first date, it is advisable that you go for something light. Especially when it comes to your makeup. Because what matters is the first impression. And in that, if you are out or less with your beauty essentials then here are few beauty hacks to save your time as well as your first date.

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Necessary face cleaning and cleansing at home

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This has to be done from time to time and if you are heading for your date later the day. For that, you just required three things a facewash, face scrubber and lastly a face mask. For this, you can use any skin product that suits your skin type.

  • Before you start, make sure you clean your hands first, then wash your face with some lukewarm water so that the pores are open.
  • It is essential that you use a foaming face wash, the face wash is important as it helps you get rid off all the dirt and oil trapped in your skin.
  • First lather up the face wash blend it in an upward motion and give your face a massage for about a minute wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • After a face wash use a face scrubber, well face scrubber is something that too is used once a weak cause dead cells accumulate on your skin apply same as facewash and massage your skin about a minute then wash it off.
  • Final step is a facial mask, a facial mask consist of the right amount of moisture and absorbs what else impurities that remain, apply it for the specified amount of time in the facial mask procedure and wash it off later with cold water, washing it off with cold water is essential as it tighten your loose pores.

The Concealer and Contour tricks

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A concealer can be helpful to hide the spots and uneven tone places on your face but other than that it can also be used for sharpening up the angles and looks on your face.

  • Apply a little concealer to the edges of the eyebrows with a flat top brush to define the proper perspective to the sides, it helps to snatch your eyebrows super. Also, it can also be used under the eyebrows to highlight instead of a powdery eyeshadow.
  • It can blend easily with your makeup and also brighten up the face highlights.
  • Even if you have spots on many places on your body like legs or arms take some concealer or foundation and mix it with your body lotion to cover up those places.

Coming to the contour part if you are just a beginner and are not able to get a proper contour for your face, with contouring it all depends on your face shape that which area you want to pull back or define.
Let ‘s start with some easy tricks for contouring.

  • The first and easy trick is that you can suck your cheek in to find the cheekbone and line your shade accordingly under a little of your cheekbone.
  • Another easy trick is that you can visualize a line from your top of the ear till the corner of the mouth but stop at where your pupil is for not to look to sucked in.
  • And for your nose, you can use your long bobby pin dip in the shade and mark it straight from the bottom of your nose to the line of your eyesight.
  • Or else you can also use eyebrow shaping tool to draw up the line on your nose.
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Ran out of Kohl or dried up mascara

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  • If you are running out of the Kohl or kajal, then take some charcoal to add it in some coconut oil and apply with a thin brush.
  • The problem of dried up mascara can be solved quickly, add a bit of contact solution in it or else, if you do not have a contact solution then put it in boiling water.

Lipstick hacks

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Facing a problem with your lipstick or do not have the matching shade, not a problem with these hacks you can quickly solve the problem.

If you run out of your shade of pink or red, you could recreate it with the dry crayon.

  • Add the shade of color that you want in a small bowl heat it up in the boiling water until the crayon melts once melted add some coconut oil and your day lipstick is ready.
  • If your lipstick is sticking on your teeth then after applying it use a pencil or put a finger in your mouth and pull it out slowly, this will take off the extra lipstick which sticks to your teeth.
  • If you are applying a liquid lipstick and it quickly spread out from the corner of the mouth than take a cotton bud or a pencil in between your lips then apply your lipstick.
  • If you wish to matt your liquid lipstick than apply some regular powder or baby powder over the lipstick. It will matt it properly.
  • For a long-lasting lipstick take a small bowl to add some peel off mask and mix some food color of your choice then apply on lips and peel the layer off after it dries up. The lipstick won’t wipe off that easily.

Get a plumping effect on your lips

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If you want to plum up your lips naturally take some cinnamon, honey, coconut oil, and powdered sugar in a small bowl and mix well massage them on your lips in circular upward motion for five minutes, it helps to remove the dead or dried skin leaving your lips soft and plumpy.

Where to apply perfume

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When wearing perfume keep in mind to apply it on a few parts of your body. If you are going on a date, then you should know fragrances attract men for that you should know where specifically you should wear perfume.

  • Start with sides of your neck then a little around your collarbone and back of your neck. Also on your arms and also around the knees as well

Painting your nails

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Painting your nails can become a hassle sometimes when you are in a hurry. Few tricks will help you to fasten up your time.

  • Apply some glue to the side of your nail so that your nail polish won’t spread that easily.
  • Or you can put some chapstick bam or lip balm around your nails so you can easily wipe off the extra spread nail polish.
  • To dry the nail polish faster add some ice cubes in a bowl of water and dip your fingers for about a minute.

Straight hair without a straightener

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You can straighten your hair without any heat or straightener, and you can blow dry up with a hair drier.

  • After hair wash, dry them up with the hair drier to remove extra water from, then you will need a round brush depending on the length of your hair, or you can use a medium paddle brush.
  • Make a section of your hair and start from the back roll out the brush down the slowly blowing off them from roots to the bottom of your hair repeat this to all the sections.

Style while you sleep

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There are many things you can do before you can go to sleep for the next day date, like cleansing your face or hairstyle.

  • If you want to curl up your hair naturally then you must start working on it before you go to bed. Just use the rollers, but if run out of rollers then you can wear a hairband and tuck your hair inside the band.