Ways to choose a profile picture on eveeve!!

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EveEve gives you the option of adding your profile picture via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter when you log in, or you can add from the mobile gallery. However, it has a specific checking system which may reject an improper picture from your profile and ask you to upload an appropriate one. Also, your profile picture is very much crucial for identification. Otherwise, your profile will be rejected.
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Why is profile picture important?

A profile picture is what defines you; it will help others to identify you as well as express yourself to develop the right impression of you. Whether you are applying for the job or filling out any form, it is necessary to have a profile picture. It also helps people to know whether they are connecting with the right person.
In today time we use social media, and we love to share our most fun moments and experiences with others via pictures and videos. Not only a profile picture helps you to express yourself but also it repaints the perspective of others on you.

Types of profile picture one must have.

Follow the guide how you can set a perfect profile picture on the Eveeve app.

Keep a picture with a smile

It is said that “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile..”. A picture with a smile not only brightens up your profile it also brings out the bright vibe from your profile.

Profile picture with a good background

To lighten up the profile picture, you can have a beautiful backdrop in your photo. Like a coffee shop, garden, beach or any places that you have traveled. This not only highlights your image but also increases the chance of been liked by the other person on EveEve.

Adding additional images

EveEve lets you add more of your pictures to define yourself, and one of the best ways is to describe through the picture of your hobbies and interest. You can add images like while playing basketball or swimming.

Use your recent photo

Do not upload a picture that is a year old. The image might look good, but it is important you show your current self and not what you looked like a year ago. You would not want to shock your EveEve match when you meet them on a date.

Types of profile pictures one should not have.

One should not add the following pictures as their profiles.

The only background picture

Don’t randomly upload a photo just for a profile. It is essential that you be the subject of the picture. Do not use any random scenery pictures or any wallpaper as a profile picture. In the Eveeve app, people wish to know you and the first thing they will see your profile picture.

Avoid nudes

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Please avoid topless images or pictures which will be more revealing. You cannot keep nude pictures in your profile it will be rejected if found or may be reported. If you do not wish to be labeled as a creep avoid the nudes.

Don’t photoshop your photo too much

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As the primary focus is your picture, no one would want to upload an ugly one, but it is advisable to be natural, be yourself. Do not photoshop your image too much to look cool. Using too many filters could make you look very fake.

No Black and White pictures

Your features should be sharp in your picture even if your background is a little blur. A sharp image gives the more of the expressions you have, and the colors add life to the picture. Avoid the black and white photos as you are not living in the nineties, even you wish to give a classic look you should not post a black and white picture. These black and white picture will not define you accurately as well as create a problem in the identification process. Always choose a colorful profile picture.

No group Photos

Don’t upload a picture with a group or with friends, a profile picture should be your rather than of your friends. Your profile should identify you in the photo so the opposite person can know it is you rather than finding you in the crowd.