Types of guys you will meet on EveEve App

Dating on EveEve App

If you haven’t heard of EveEve App, then maybe you must have a look at this latest dating app which is taking India by storm. The process is quite simple sign up through google, facebook or twitter. Pick up the best picture from your mobile gallery, start liking the people you wish to date.
EveEve India
Sounds pretty cool huh?
But that’s when the whole mystery start…
There are varieties of people you will meet on the EveEve app,
Some might amaze you with their mind-blowing personality, and some might make you feel like you made a big mistake sending like on their profile!
To summarize the whole scenario in short, there are few types of guys you will meet on EveEve App:

Mr.Muscle Man

EveEve App
You will identify this man by his profile picture on EveEve itself, you will observe him in flexing his muscles in the mirror, taking selfies with dumbells and showing off the muscularity.
His bio might be filled with”Live, Workout, Repeat” tagline.
Seeking for a girl with a fitness lifestyle.
Send like only if you are kind of person who wakes up early in the morning and loves to workout and maintains themselves. If you are looking for a fitness freak, he’s all yours.


eveeve app
It won’t take time to identify this guy on the EveEve app as you will instantly get the idea by his conversation. He will text you all day long, and you might get infatuated as you get to know him, but there’s a chance you will never discuss anything personal.
His bio is full of funny pick up lines, or it might be filled with sarcasm.
Send like only if you want someone who can hold a conversation on any random topic without any hesitation. If you are more into chatting then this man is definitely yours.

Baby Boy

evevev app
This guy will be super clingy with his words. You will recognize him just by his talks. He will always search for validation. He had a tough break up and finding eveeve as an escape from his post break up phase.
His bio is filled with merely looking for someone who likes me and stays forever.
Make sure you only send like on Eveeve if you can deal with him.


types of boys
Mr.Invisible will have a decent conversation for two days, and then he will disappear from EveEve. After two days, you will forget what talks were all about!
His bio must be pretty average and professional just like bio should be. Like only if you think you have a chance with this guy.

The Prince Charming

In other words, the “perfect one” on EveEve App. This guy will be one which you have dreamt of. He picks you up for a date, makes you laugh, will listen to what you are saying and is honestly very charming and loyal.
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His bio will be perfect just like him. Each and every word on point.
Worldly, kind-hearted, confident, humble, perhaps the Perfect Man isn’t really perfect. He knows this. He’s just trying to be the best man he can be for his future family.
Send super like if you genuinely believe he is for you and if you really want a serious relationship.

Well, flaws are bound to exist. In the end, Compatibility and how you get along with each other matters.
So, what are you waiting for!!!
Download EveEve App now!!