Types of girls you will meet on EveEve App.

EveEve for the girls

After the launch of the EveEve app. We get to know that this dating app has many such features which are women-friendly. EveEve seems to be the safest apps to be used for dating in India. The very first thing the app asks for official identification. To know how to get registered for EveEve do read How to use EveEve app.
EveEve for girls is absolutely free, but also there is a Premium option popular with women. To know more about this Premium option in the EveEve app follow Safety and security on EveEve app.
type of girls on EveEve
Once you have registered with EveEve, the dating app there are many people you come across. India being a nation known for its diversity of religion, caste, language and much more EveEve in India give you many such options for dating. Here is a list of top five types of girls you will find on EveEve.

The Sanskari.

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Dating is getting too casual these days, but not for all. The girl with good sarees, Indian attire in every picture that she has posted. Also, you will see her spending her most time with family, not friends. Her bio will tell you the most about her because she is here only to make friends and no hookups. Her will to marry will be when her parents find the perfect match for her. So if you have an intention to marry her do not approach her but her parents.

Filtered pictures

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A girl will only have filtered photos and too many emojis in the bio. Many filters used in every photo she will upload. Also, the profile will have just selfies and some kind of weird emoji used on her face which will unable her real face to you. She will keep herself hidden in every picture she uploads. You can go ahead and try giving it a chance.

Rebound creature

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Once you have matched with someone looking for rebound on EveEve, you will immediately notice this creature. She will keep talking about the past relationship she just broke up with and how bad the boy was. She will keep complaining about how much she did for the other but did not get anything in return. This girl will also tell you that she would never want to date anyone again which may be true but not every time. If you feel that you are okay with spending some quality time and helping your new match get out of her past and turn into the date, you must give it a try.

The “saccha Pyaar is accha Pyaar.”

EveEve app is specially made for people looking for their soulmate. You will find many such girls here who are looking for their true soulmate. They will have everything mentioned in their bio as they have downloaded the app because the app has a feature to date and know someone genuinely and also have the will to marry. So if you are looking for any casual hookups on the EveEve app, then the app is not meant for you. This girl will believe in having a real conversation and will not just send like to any profile that comes up.

The Dreamgirl.

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This is one of the types you will definitely find on the EveEve app. This is the girl you always wanted to date. She is stunning, has no filtered pictures and is here for a meaningful relationship. She also has the most compatible profile. So boys just click the like button on her profile and you might be lucky enough to get like back from her.

Love is not always perfect, but it is you who see perfection in imperfection. It is you who choose your love, and you who love your choice. These are a few types of girls which you mostly find on the EveEve app. So keep clicking like you will find your love here.