Safety and Security on eveeve.

Eveeve is the latest dating app launched in India. And many users may face some questions. Let Eveeve guide you correctly.

Some of the queries are as follows:

How can I Hide the user who has liked my profile on eveeve?

If you wish to delete the profile of the users in your likes list, then there is a delete option just at the side of the user’s profile. It will show you two options:
Hide & Cancel.
If you wish to delete the profile, from the list, click to >> hide.

How to Unhide, a user?

If you have hidden a user and wished to unhide him/her back you merely need to go to the main menu>>Settings>>Hide-Block Lists>>select from the hide and block list to unhide or unblock the users.

How can I Block and Report a user?

To block a user click on the user’s profile, there will be an option on the top-right of the profile.
It will show you three options:

  • Report
  • Hide-block
  • Close

Report the concern about the app.

If you have any query about the eveeve app, you can trust the eveeve supporters KRISHH & KIAARA. You can message your selected supporter, and they will help you solve your queries related to the application. Select the supporter you wish to choose.

Will my details be private?

Yes! Your details will be private. EveEve does not share any personal data on any social media platform. If you have logged in through Facebook, Instagram or twitter nothing will be posted on your page. Without the user’s consent, the identity will not be revealed.

Can we spam the user id?

Yes, you can! If you come across any inappropriate user profile, you can spam it. You can directly report it.

How to contact customer care on EveEve?

To contact the customer care assistant go to the
settings>>Contact>>Choose categories and submit your inquiry.

How to subscribe on the Eveeve app.

You can subscribe to the eveeve app by buying the premium option. Your payment will be directed from your google play account.
The Premium option gives you the following services:

    • Premium search and data extension:

you can target your earnest users[Identity verification search], unlimited messages, also you can check users response time.

    • Easy Settings:

you can hide your online status, check whether the user has read your messages.

    • 50 likes every month for sure!!:

with 50 likes every month you can easily find a better match.
Subscribe now and try the premium option on the eveeve app.

How will the profile look attractive?

Fill out all your details properly and mention your preferences too. Rest your profile depends on your bio. How you represent yourself in your bio matters a lot.Know the way you can make your profile look better on Ways to choose a profile picture on eveeve.

How can I send the first message?

If you find it difficult and is hard for you to initiate a conversation. Do not worry eveeve has some good templates of messages that users can use to start the talk. Know more what and what not to do while texting a person.

How can I match better?

To match, you have to like the profile of the user that you are interested in. If the same user likes you back its a match. Learn how to find better matches on Eveeve.

And if you are still not on the EveEve App then download it from the GooglePlay store.