Love will always finds its way through EveEve App

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LOVE: Four letter word pretty easy to spell but very difficult to understand.
Maybe, it’s an endless rant you give just to let them know how horrible your day was!!
And sometimes its just staring at each other without exchanging any words.
Its a combination, a package of adventure where you let yourself lost..
Love is patience.
It’s stupid and unbearable.
It’s weird in its own way.
It’s a beautiful mess where you just can’t afford to give up.
Yeah, that’s love!!

True love is worth the wait…


Yes, it’s true that true love is worth the wait. You don’t have to chase it endlessly for attention. It will knock on your door when you least expect it. Maybe it’ll happen from EveEve date. Maybe you will find a guy or girl based on your interests, hobbies, and music taste. Maybe, this time the eveeve date will be just like you had dreamt of! It’s always worth the wait for that perfect match.

Adventure is out there!


We human are bound to explore every nook and corner with our loved one. Once we fall in love, we like to know each and every detail about that person.No relationship is about sunshine, but two people share the umbrella and survive the storm. People in a relationship love to do weird stuff like going for scuba diving, staring the sky full of stars, Going on for a long drive at night, trekking, etc. Love doesn’t make the world go round, it’s an adventurous ride with the EveEve app.EveEve app believes that there is always that one person who will be yours forever and always.

Little things matter more than anything.

Eveeve india

In the recent research, we found that the couples in a relationships love to do little things for their partner. Though those little things might not make sense for others, it flawlessly makes sense for them. It’s all in making them feel special by preparing food for them or going on a walk with them, or for some, it was the little conversation from their busy schedule just to ask them how they are doing? In the end, The little things? The little moments?They aren’t little.

Love will always find you! Every time, Everywhere.

EveEve app
EveEve app launched with a unique concept of love where people can find their date, fall in love and live happily ever after. We believe that love always finds you no matter how much you lost hope in it.So,find your suitable match on EveEve app.Everytime,Everywhere!