How to bag the second date with your EveEve match in India.

how to bag second date on EveEve app

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Bingo!! If you have already done with the first date and are looking forward to meeting once again!When it comes to online dating, its hard to fall directly into a relationship without knowing them overall. It’s partially necessary to know the person well to bag him/her for the second date. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it seems mainly for men who think after achieving the first date they can get the girl to like them back. There are certain things that to be followed after your first date so that you might be able to grab the second date.

how to get second date

EveEve gives you the chance to know more about the person who you may have fallen for. You can know all the necessary details about them. Their preferences, their diets, and even favorite shows.
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Hold Conversation

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If you end up liking her/him after the first date, do message them that you liked them. Don’t wait for each other’s message, take little initiation to have a conversation. No need to put extra efforts as they will go in vain. If you can hold up the conversation well, there might be a chance for next time. As long as love is the concern, the other person’s interest matter the most. Don’t rush into anything, be wise with your words.

Show Interest

second date
To ask someone out for a date it is very essential that you show interest in them. It’s very important to know what they like, dislikes, what kind of activity they would love to do in free time. Pay attention to every single detail they speak to you! Show interest that will express your affection towards them.

Take your time to understand each other

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Time will always play the main role for any connection to blossom. Understanding each other is as necessary as knowing them. Take your time for better understanding of each other’s feelings. Most importantly just be yourself. Let them like you first for who you are.In the end, the base of every relationship is love and trust.

Say no to social media

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Before jumping into each other account.Know each other to the point that you can trust each other.
It will be too soon to give your social media information to the other person. It is advisable that you don’t share any social media information like userid of Facebook, Instagram, etc. too soon unless you trust them. Don’t refer to them on social media unless you are official it may lead to the wrong assumption. Share your detail only after two-three dates only if you trust enough them on the first date. Be open-minded, but have a boundary which will be comfortable for both the parties…

So, go ahead and bag your second date through EveEve App!!