EveEve YouTube with Original Romance series…

EveEve dating app on YouTube

EveEve ranks as one of the best dating apps in India. In no time EveEve seems to gain popularity among the youth. Unlike other dating apps which start and keep limitations of only applications and promotional videos. Taking a step ahead (EveEve ) has come up with a better way of not only promoting themselves but are also looking for initial reactions of people and even what they feel about dating.

The Original Romance series

EveEve being a dating app which helps you find your soulmate. EveEve has come up with its Original romance series. These are the stories written by the EveEve team to add more romance to the viewer’s watchlist. Not only this but these are most relatable stories, a story of some boy or a girl next door. Taking it on a professional level, EveEve shot an Original romance episode with professional models like Sana Khan and Jubin Shah.

indian Woman1

EveEve was started with a motive to help people find their soulmate. It is essential for the users to know and understand that it can even be their story as a part of our EveEve original, and they can easily relate to it. That is why we started with our original romance series.Source: EveEve App

The Mumbai Trending Media

Mumbai trending media

EveEve original is a part of the Mumbai Trending media. Mumbai Trending media is a YouTube channel formally known as Eveeve India. The name was changed by keeping in mind the audiences connect. The EveEve YouTube team investigates in Mumbai what do the millennials of Mumbai think about (Love, Sex, and Dating) and get you the initial reactions of people. To add more fun to the channel, this team has started with the EveEve Original series.

Every Emotion/relation captured.

Love is an emotion felt by all, but EveEve YouTube team believes into contributing to the progress of human beings. So every relation that showcases love and affection is part of EveEve originals just like the video which was on a very affectionate bond shared by people called friendship.

indian Woman1

This original romance series of EveEve has also thought about other emotions like friendship, care and has given a wonderful message through it which showcases love in some different form.Source: EveEve App

The aim of EveEve originals Romance series

EveEve is a dating app which is not for hookups and is also safe to use. The app does not find you a match based on your appearances but has many other options and preferences that you can choose from. It is just like its tagline that love can be found “Every time and Everywhere.”