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Mumbai trending media

EveEve is one of the latest dating app launched in India recently. As the app is growing among the other popular dating apps, it also brings you the thoughts and views of the people in Mumbai. EveEve presents you the “Mumbai Trending Media “ YouTube channel where you can know what the people of Mumbai think about dating, love, and relationships.

What is Mumbai Trending media?

Mumbai Trending media is a YouTube channel formally known as Eveeve India. The name was changed by keeping in mind the audiences connect. The channel brings you the freshly baked interview from the people of Mumbai on various topics regarding love and dating and what are dating ideas are trending in Mumbai.

Some of the most viewed videos of Mumbai Trending Media:

eveeve app

The youth of Mumbai answers a few questions related to dating and what it feels like being in a relationship!
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The main aim of Love Support Media(EveEve app) is to support love and value the romance shared between two people. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet download it from google play store:EveEve app

The Investigation/Love survey team

Mumbai trending media
The Mumbai Trending media investigation team, interview the youth and people of different age group on various grounds related to dating and love in India. They also aim to bring more of the emotions from Mumbai.

What type of content does Mumbai trending media presents?

The Mumbai trending media interviews the youth of Mumbai to get answers to most of the questions related to love and dating in India. Issues like: “First thing you notice in a girl/boy?”
“What do boys prefer LOVE or SEX”? And many more. When asked in the interview people expresses their views and thoughts about dating in India. The channel also brings you the most trending content from Mumbai. It also brings you the most exciting romance series the eveeve original.

Mumbai trending media

The people of Mumbai express their views on various topics. In one of the interview when people were asked what would they prefer whether Love or Sex, Most people choose to love. It is seen that people from Mumbai are not looking for hookups but wish a good relationship.Find what actually people thinks about love and relationship.
Source: Mumbai Trending Media.

eveeve app

Even though people are asked these questions, they put their genuine views and wish to accomplish a serious relationship and I think eveeve give this opportunity to the people. The Eveeve app is created with a view to building a dating platform for those who want to truly find a partner or a serious relationship.
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What is the purpose of Mumbai Trending Media?

The “Mumbai trending media” is the YouTube channel started by the company Market Drive in India. The Company aims to contribute to the progress of humanity by providing outstanding services in Online dating and to create a secure platform for online dating in India.
Market drive inc.
The Main purpose of Mumbai Trending Media is to contribute to the progress of human beings. The channel brings you the best and most exciting video contents of Mumbai and its people.
The aim is to represent all aspects of Mumbai from the people views to love, culture, dating and festive. To bring forth a fantastic experience with the Mumbai trending media team.