EveEve the Most Popular Dating App!!

India has the most significant range of dating apps, and most of you are aware of the popular ones. Today we introduce a new dating app which also gaining popularity in India.

Start new with EveEve.

Love is a part of our life, and even in the smallest things, it gives the greatest joy. The excitement of receiving a text from your liked one its different than any other feeling you get. Let EveEve brings you the pleasure of finding the one who will become the reason behind your constant smiles.
Eveeve is one of the popular dating apps of Japan and is launched in India recently, though the app has been launched recently it has a good response and aims to give users a safe and secure dating environment. So EveEve is not just about finding a dating partner it’s about finding the one who will stay along with you.
Learn more about how to use the eveeve app.

EveEve India

Price Premium Plan ₹780/m
App Dating App
Company Market Drive

EveEve India is the youtube channel launched by Market Drive-Inc. EveEve India brings you freshly interviews from the people of Mumbai.

  • EveEve India brings you the views on relationship and love from the youth of India.
  • Follow the channel on youtube like, subscribe and share.

EveEve Originals

EveEve Originals is the youtube channel launched by Market Drive which brings you the most fun and entertaining short videos based on eveeve love original series. Follow the channel on youtube like, subscribe and share EveEve Originals.

Eveeve on google play store

Even the app has launched recently it had received a good review on the google play store.

EveEve App reviews

indian man1
It’s a premium app, but its genuine and the people I came across on the app was interesting. Love it.
Source: EveEve GooglePlay
indian Woman1
Downloaded it and liked it. It’s a great app to find your loved one’s….And to connect with different types of people. I personally like the Eve Eve supporters (krishh & kiaara)😊Good efforts people!
Source: EveEve GooglePlay

Why EveEve is popular than Tinder in Japan

indian Woman1
The app has already gained popularity in Japan and is trending more than Tinder. But in India, the app is rising gradually with a good start. It is so surprising to see the overwhelming evaluation of the eveeve app within a short period. Check out why eveeve is popular in Japan.

Interesting EveEve Bio

If you have difficulty in writing a bio in eveeve then no worry as Eveeve provides you with the best bio templates to help users to express about themselves. If you want to attract the attention of the opposite person, then you have to make your bio that is interesting, something about career or yourself or a joke would do. Remember to get through someone you have to be humorous and more than that you have to be yourself.
As much as people don’t like creepy people, they also don’t like creepy bio make sure you don’t write something which put away people from your profile. A good bio increases not only the footprints but also the number of likes your profile get. Know more about how to write a perfect bio.

Meet new people in the eveeve community










Meet new people who share the same interest as you through eveeve communities. There are several communities related to your hobbies and activities that users can join. If you don’t feel like joining any one of these, then create one of yours. Yes, you can build a community of your interest and invite people to join them.

The Eveeve Supporters Krish and Kirara

Eveeve brings you two supporters along with the app KRISHH and KIAARA. If users have any query related to the app, then they can connect to supporters for any help.
If users are facing any problem with the app then that users can send their queries to the eveeve supporters just by a message.

Does Eveve get you a perfect match?

Before using any dating app, users will surely think whether this app works or not, whether you will find matches or not. But Eveeve provides matches based on your compatibility and users have to like the profile of the those who they find compatible, and if the opposite also liked your profile, then it’s a match. Also, the chances of getting are high as your match will be based on your preference and interest. Learn More about how can you increase your chances of getting preferable matches.

The Security

Let’s talk about the concern of security about the app. Most app like Tinder or happn uses Facebook and Instagram credentials to keep the fake away.
Eveeve provides you with options, i.e., Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or either you can sign in. After your profile is created the app asks for an identification proof that is either your aadhar card, pan card or passport picture. If the profile of the user is verified, then the user will have an identity verification mark in their profile. Thus eliminating the fake profile and maintaining a safe environment for dating. Read how online dating is safe in India.
So like, match and chat with no worries on the evevev app. Download the EveEve app from google play store and find your match.

EveEve is not for hookups.

Eveeve is not for hookups, the motto of eveeve is to find the perfect partner of your life. The Indian online dating culture is yet stereotyped by some as a medium of hooking up. But not all apps are for hookups there are such for genuine relationship and for finding a long life partner. Eveeve brings this chance, an app where can you can find the one with whom you can be committed. See how Eveeve is not for hookups.