EveEve dating the Indian way!!!

Online dating and EveEve

EveEve online dating

Online dating would have been comprehensible if people had mentioned what their real motive to be on Online dating apps is. Many such Online dating apps miss on giving these choices to the user, but the recently launched and acquiring the market EveEve app is smashing the old trends set by the dating apps. EveEve does not depend much on the bio that has to be written but has a list of preferences which allows you to choose and lets others know what your purpose to be on EveEve is. These preferences are not only limited to the diet and distance or your appearances but also if you have a will to marry. You read it right if you wish to get into a committed relationship this is the app for you. The app has a list of preferences where you just click on the option which you feel is suitable for you. EveEve does not follow the analogous way to find you the match only by swiping the profiles right and left but lets you check the profile with the details adding your own preferences and also shows up the only profiles which are maximum compatible with yours.

EveEve storming India

India has many such dating apps which have a strong foothold, but no such app has designed any features the Indian way. India rapidly heading towards development but at the same time has solid cultured roots. Here the dating scenario is a bit with complications and you will find people complaining about the dating apps for not being it their way. When you go through some articles or reviews about the dating apps in India, you will find that some will have to say that the people they come across are only looking for hookups when they are looking for someone for a committed relationship. On the other hand, people who are not interested in any kind of commitment always come across people wanting to get into a serious relationship. But swiping away this confusion with dating EveEve has stormed India with its features.

EveEve the Indian way

EveEve India

EveEve is one of the dating apps that stands very different from the others. The reasons it is different are the features that make it an app specially for Indians. So the app that clears the confusion with the preferences it provides, i.e., the will to marry or not is something that shows that EveEve has thought about the Indian user and has come up the Indian way.