Dos and Don’ts for women on their first EveEve date

Yes! He finally asked you for a date.

EveEve date

Yes, girl, you have finally bagged a date with the boy you matched on the EveEve dating app. Now that he has asked you out for a date there are a few dos and don’ts that you must follow on your first date. These few things could fill him with astonishment and could grab you the second date.

Dress decent girls

Many times you here boys complaining about girls dressing inappropriately on the first date. Do not wear outfits that are too formal or informal but be balanced. There is no need to make yourself uncomfortable to impress someone. Wear what makes you feel better and impassive also don’t add too much makeup be the real you.

You too must keep smiling.

Just like mentioned in the list of dos and don’ts for men you must also maintain your smile. The smile you give can make him feel confident and can showcase you interested in this date. The smile makes you look more attractive than makeup so smile when he compliments you.

No attitude


Please, girls a big NO for the word attitude here. You are seeing him for the first time but so is the boy meeting you for the first time. He does not know much about you and would want to know you better so don’t throw attitude towards him but help him understand you better. No other person but, you can tell better about yourself. Some girls feel that throwing attitude on the first date will impress him, but this could put a negative impression on him instead be funny or use sarcasm. Humor will undoubtedly showcase you smart.

Pay attention

Ahem, Ahem Girls you too must pay attention. Many such articles that suggest boys must pay attention to girls but forget to mention that even boys love when girls pay attention to them. It is the human psychology that every individual requires some attention from the opposite sex, so it is not only the girls but also the boys who love when girls pay attention to their small acts.

Ask to split the bill

Why should boys pay all the bills?. You must ask to split your bill. When we ask for equality everywhere though it does not matter here, you must treat the other equal and pay your share. This act could be a turn on for boys.

Plan the second date

second EveEve date

During the entire dating process, you get sure whether you would want to go ahead with the second date or not. If the answer is no, then you must stop here but if you would want to know more about him then must try planning your next date when you talk to him about his hobbies. Talking about him could make him feel you are interested in him and could bag you a second date with this charming boy.
So girls wear your heels and get ready for your dream date with the boy you matched on EveEve and do follow the list of dos and don’ts on your first date.