Dos and Don’ts for men on their first EveEve date.

Your match is now your date.

first date Eveeve

After you have turned your EveEve match into a date with your amazing messaging skills, it is now time for you to get set and be ready for your first EveEve date. But wait before you go, there is a list of a few dos and don’ts that you would want to know for your first date. Boys, you have impressed her already through your texts, now it is time to put your words into action.

Guys, please don’t be late.

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Mostly when girls write a review how their date went wrong the first thing they mention is the punctuality of the boy. You could spoil the entire date just because of this one reason for not being on time. It is not correct to make her wait for you right on the first date, she could consider you insensitive. So next time you plan your date remember you must be on time.

Yes the smile works

smile EveEve

It is very natural to be nervous on your first date, but even she is meeting you for the time so don’t forget to smile once you meet her. Don’t fake your smile let it be natural. Smiling will add confidence, and you will make her feel more comfortable also psychology believes that smiling makes you more attractive so keep smiling.

Compliment but don’t overdo it.

Girls love to be complimented, and this could make her happy that you are observing the little thing and are a caring person. Complimenting will add a smile to her face, but if you overdo it that will annoy her. An important thing to remember when you commend her is to be gentle.

Maintain eye contact with her

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It is essential that you maintain eye contact with her. It is the human psychology to feel respected when the opposite person maintains eye contact while having a conversation. So remember, not to get into your phone too much but pay attention to her.

No, “I” statements. Please!!

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You must be a superhero, but even Superman does not reveal his identity so please don’t use the “I” statements. Continually showing the love for yourself could irritate her and you will showcase yourself as a self-centered human.

Plan your second date.

Your first date has been amazingly beautiful, and you would love to meet her again so you must plan and choose your next date venue from your conversation. So say if she says she wants to watch a new upcoming movie you can ask her for a movie date.
These are a few dos and don’ts which you must follow on your first date. So note down and do try these dos and don’ts next time you match with someone special on the EveEve app.