Is Online Dating safe In India??


Online Dating in India

Online Dating

Youth in India is too much excited by not a very new but the concept of online dating. Every next minute you hear someone getting hooked up. These hookups seem to be very casual these days. There is no harm in meeting someone casually, meeting someone causally has turned out to be trendy. Being trendy is being aware of the latest updates, tech-savvy, and being open to changes. Technology and changes go hand in hand. With all these upcoming trends there is one which tops the list, i.e., Online dating. In the last few years, we have seen many socializing apps which get you connected to people with just one click. But today its just one swipe and you find your match. Online dating apps completely have a different purpose to serve to the user, it is not just about meeting new people to be friends with, but it clearly mentions dating. But is it safe?. Many such dating apps like Happn, Tinder, Aisle are being used by the youth to find their soulmate but it is always one out of many which have taken care of the safety of users, i.e., EveEve which stands apart from others concerning about the security of its users.

Dating Evolution in India!!


India is a country very close to its cultural roots and is also known for its diversity in religion, caste, clothing, food and much more. Unlike other countries, India has its own traditional way of finding a soulmate. You need to seek permission from your elder’s to get into any serious relationships and also to date someone or get married your partner should be from the same caste and religion. But breaking these odd minded barriers is what young India does now. We see many young people dating with no fear, and making a better understanding amongst each other. But yet many odds making dating a dangerous scenario from last two decades, the term dating seems to create a more precise picture of the Indian mindset. Dating someone you like or meeting someone for a coffee is something you see very common in foreign countries this idea also has publicized in India now but not in a safe manner. Dating is when two individuals start to meet to understand their compatibility, behavior and try to figure out will the relationship work in the future. It is not compulsory to have sexual intercourse, but this too differs from every individual to what they think and want their soulmate to be. Yet many youths fail to understand the concept of dating, so few misunderstand that meeting someone online and planning a coffee date with them has got them into a serious relationship and some think that finding someone to date online has gained them the license to have sex. Only a few understand that dating or finding an online date you need to understand each other to get the relationship further.

What is Online dating?

Firstly you need to understand what dating is all about it is nor being into a committed relationship neither a one night stand. It is time given and spent with someone to discover their lifestyle and is it suitable for a healthy relationship in the future. You need to decide whether you both are at comfort to continue or to just be friends and keep meeting casually. There should be no hurry done when taking decisions. Making such life decisions, one must meet the other several times for better understanding.

Misconception!! Why?


Traditions and culture are considered to be jewels of Indian society but using them as a tool to play around with someone and judge someone to be wrong is mostly done. At first place, we must stop judging people if we see them using a dating app. It is really hilarious to see how surprised we are when someone has an online dating app we immediately start judging them. But on the other hand, congratulate someone who just has registered themselves on In both cases, you meet a stranger, but people have some kind of weird reactions when they know you are on a dating app. This is because here the term dating is misunderstood. And such misunderstanding is created by a few dating apps that have got people only into hookups or in some serious trouble as they do not provide any feature for the security of the user. You need to understand the term dating better before you put it in action. There are many Dos and Don’ts when you start to date, someone.

How to date safely online?

EveEve safe
  • Be natural and write correct information about yourself.
  • Always write correct information about yourself. Do not give fake identification which could block your profile for other users.
  • Inappropriate Photos.
  • Do not use any inappropriate photo of yourself as a profile picture and also do not send any pictures of you to any other user.
  • Keep this a secret.
  • Do not share any of your bank details to any other user which could lead you to some serious trouble
  • Public Place
  • Always prefer meeting in a public place and not somewhere in private. Avoid such dates that ask you to meet at their apartments or at their friend’s home instead prefer going for a coffee.
  • Tell your friend
  • Keep one of your friends informed about your date and about the person you are dating. Also, share your location once you meet your date.
  • Safest App
  • Most Important is which app to be used for dating safely. There are many such apps which help you find a match, but if you feel your security is better than looks, then you must use EveEve.

EveEve Safest Online dating app!!

Safest dating app

A recently launched dating app EveEve has made its mark as a safest app for dating. EveEve has a fantastic signing up procedure where the user goes through a 24 hours verification process. The app gives you three options to sign up with, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, and Email after being verified you are asked to verify your identity by providing an official Id proof such as Aadhar card, Pan card, Driving license, or passport. Once your identity is verified your profile gets the status with a green mark of identity verified. By using your official id card to get your profile verified this app has taken a step forward and proved to be the safest in terms online dating and will definitely keep you away from creeps. So now don’t just swipe left and right but be sure with EveEve.

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