Interesting EveEve Bio!! How?

Interesting EveEve bio! Does it help?

EveEve Bio

Online dating scenarios seem to storm into Indian culture with static speed. So anybody using a dating app to meet soulmate doesn’t surprise us anymore. EveEve is way ahead than other dating apps be it finding a probable match or the safety of the user. The user traffic seems to grow as millennials are getting more aware and attracted towards the security term for dating. But the usual set of questions that arise are about how should their bio look like. When the user signs up for EveEve, but the list of profiles that show up have no bio, and this makes the user swipe left. According to a survey, experts say that even if you appear to be too handsome or gorgeous as a model yet, it is essential to have a bio and that helps you get more matches and also will help you crack a good conversation. Many users(boys) keep complaining about not being matched or not being noticed by anyone. It is not possible for all to have the too hot looks, but everybody can take some efforts to write something about themselves which will surely attract the other user. It is not necessary to be a fantastic writer or have any poetic skills to impress someone, but it is easy to describe yourself in a few eye-catching words or phrases or just a simple introduction and your chances of getting a match increases.

Add your preferences

EveEve app

When you sign up for EveEve using your Facebook, Twitter or Email you then get an option where you can put in your choices. These choices are based on the diet, religion, education and also on a will to marry. EveEve app has already helped you set up these preferences you just have to put in your details to find a better match. Once you are done entering these details, the app automatically gets the updated profiles for you according to your preferences. So the possibility of getting in contacts with any creeps is less and finding a probable match is more. So to make it much better you just need to add in your self-introduction. Below are a few things which could help you make a better bio.

Girls Bio…

Keep it simple

Always keep it natural. Don’t be too complicated be specific about yourself. Being specific when writing your bio can get you better matches, and you will not confuse people. It will be easy for your match to start a conversation with you.

Don’t be rude

EveEve Bio

If you think that being rude or just showing some attitude in your bio will get you more swipes, then you have mistaken. Be witty instead or show some sarcasm.

Don’t Lie

Don’t fake your personality in your profile. If you write in your bio that you love skydiving but have never done, it could make you look like a liar. Instead, write ” Wanna fly, so let’s try skydiving together.” This could help you get people with the same interests.

EveEve Bio

Boys Bio…

Be witty

For boys, they must be amusing, and girls are attracted to boys with a good sense of humor. So boys when you write your EveEve bio keep this in your mind you need to show your humor skills here too.

Stop being creepy

If you think that using cheesy lines in your bio is going to impress girls, then you are wrong because this only shows that you are a creep. So don’t be that guy she never wants to be with.


Be creative

This does not mean that you have to be creative and start writing poetries, but be creative to describe yourself, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies. Write something that catches the eye and wants the other to know more about you.

Examples of good bios

Here are some handpicked profiles with fantastic bio and self-introduction.

Eve eve bio