How to use EveEve app?

Introduction To EveEve App

Ever since the dating culture has been introduced in India through various world trending apps, the idea of dating is changed entirely.
Mostly, Indian believe in finding soulmate either by finding someone who can love fearlessly or through the traditional culture i.e.Arranged Marriage.
To make a change, EveEve App was launched in India on 29th June 2018, as the name is slang of “Everytime Everywhere” which itself says you can meet your partner anywhere at any moment.

How to get started?

  • Create your account:

eveeve app,EveEve
You can create your account through Facebook, Google, and email id.
Without your permission, We don’t share any personal information on Facebook.
None of the posts about this app will be posted to let others know that you are using the EveEve app.
While signing up, you need to fill the necessary information about yourself.
You also need to upload your “Perfect” picture which will be useful for finding your matches.

Set up your profile

Tap the side menu to get access to your profile

Click on the profile picture to edit rest of the details.

Verify your identification

Just below your profile picture, there’s an identity verification box, or you can find in the side menu where you need to verify your identity for safety purpose.

EveEve eveveapp EveEve


How to set up your preferences

Search your preferences on the bases of age, city, height, religion and as well as per your diet.


Manage your notification

In settings, you will find notification settings where you can adjust the like,messages,matching, weekly report notifications of EveEve app.

How to create your profile interesting!

To view how your profile is, select the profile picture on the main menu.


Change your profile as needed by selecting the pencil-shaped icon to edit information.

This button will also be located right under your display photo.

Manage your photos

EveEve let you upload three photos, the first picture will be your display picture and rest of it will be how you are personally.

Write impressive bio

In the self-introduction section, you have 800 characters to write about what you’re looking for and what you are as a person.With the help of sample templates,EveEve grant you with an amazing bio ideas which will improve your profile.EveEve India

How to pass the review


It’s great to have creativity in presenting your profile, but your security is also essential along with creativity. Improving your profile in a better way with the help of the screening process to get more matches along with passing all security levels in EveEve app.

  • First impression matters

In every walk of life, the first impression matters more than anything. Make sure you use your natural display picture which is essential for passing the review.

  • Explore your horizon

Most of us ignore the little details which are very important for increasing your probability of passing the review. Enhance it by including your introduction, tweet, and basic introduction by exploring your imagination.

  • Simplicity is attractive

eveeve app
Maintain your profile in a decent way which not only makes any person make their first move towards you but also to have an actual soul connection with you.

The secret of getting more matches

To know the secret, you need to start by swiping the screening candidates who you wished to date in the nearby future. Another way is by sending likes, super like to those who had left footprints on your profile all the way around. There’s a search option in EveEve app where you can open any profile and send like if you find their profile attractive.


Once you find someone who has liked you back and paired with you ultimately on EveEve app, you can break the ice by starting the real conversation.
Further, you can plan meeting the person by suggesting them about the coffee date or casual meeting in the nearby area.
Know that every person has their unique style, know that we all are here for creating a real bond.
There are glorious people with the kind of eyes, others write stories about and the kind of smiles that end wars.
I guess that’s how we meet our soulmate,
Everytime Everywhere.