How to Turn EveEve match into a date in India?

You both Matched!!!

EveEve match

This is what you see when you and some other EveEve user shows interest in each other. As mentioned in one article before to have an interesting Eveve bio helps you get a probable match. Once you match with someone you like on Eve Eve, the next essential step is to start a conversation. Initiating a convo decides whether the match lasts till the date. On an average, there is a possibility to get at least up to 5 likes in a month out of which 3 of them go no further than just a “hi” or “hey.” This leaves you with the rest 2 matches that can turn to be the date you always wanted to go with so don’t make the convo boring and miss the chance of your dream date. EveEve has already helped you a halfway by giving an option to add preferences so that you can see the profiles which are compatible. This fantastic dating app also has changed the concept of dating and has launched with features in an Indian way. So the people who are looking for a committed relationship can be sure with EveEve, and the official identity verification also assures to eliminate the fake profiles. With all this help provided by EveEve, it then depends on how you initiate a conversation with your match. Here are a few tips on how to go ahead with a good convo and turn your EveEve match into a date.

Be open, not Obnoxious

Now that you have managed to get a few likes and matched with some, it is time to show your typing skills. But many people make a mistake and miss their chance for a date, their expression of speech does give them an authority to be open but not unpleasant to others. People confuse the idea of being open in thoughts and being obnoxious. Being unpleasant in your approach will lessen the chances of going on a date with your match. You need not use any cheesy words or lines to address the person instead use their name. Psychologists say that the more a person hears their name when a person is talking to them, the more they will like that person.

No Essays

long text eve eve

You are not here to win an essay competition, so please don’t type a colossal description about yourself as nobody really has time to read it. Instead be fast and try writing something quickly and just to make your messages exciting use emojis and gifs. This could cause your conversation to be more fun, and your match would be readily up for a date.

Find Out Their Hobbies/Interests.

Eveve hobbies

Once you start the conversation, you must explicitly ask or talk about their hobbies. The reason that you must do so is that you can plan a date and both can enjoy their hobby. If your match loves playing an instrument, you can ask to join them to learn that instrument which can lead to a romantic and an astounding date to start with.

Suggest the Venue for date Based On Your Chat

Date with Eve Eve India

People say that it confuses them when it comes to deciding the venue for the first date, but it is easy when you suggest the place based on your chat. In the tip mentioned above, you must ask them about their interests which could help you decide about your venue say for example your match loves having some good Thai food you could suggest to visit a nearby restaurant you know that serves Thai food. Using this trick to decide your date venue shows that you actually paid attention to their likes and dislikes when they told you about what they like and can showcase you as a caring person.

Try these above-mentioned tips to turn your EveEve match into a date also if you have tried some other ways let us know about them as well