Find better matches on EveEve App!


Find better matches on EveEve app

Ever wondered how you will get a perfect match which you always dreamt of!
The trick lies in the app itself…

Let’s have a list of things that are extremely important while creating an account on EveEve app:

1.Selection of profile picture.
2.Attention!! Write your Bio.
3. Your Information is really important.
4.One Final Piece of Advice.

Selection of profile picture

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Your main profile picture is arguably the single most important thing about your profile. Select your photo in such a way that not just leave your first impression spectacular but also made anyone like you at first glance.


1. Make the first and last picture the strongest.
2. Keep descent profile picture.
3. Add five photos uniquely describing yourself.


1.Don’t photoshop your profile picture.
2.Don’t do any “controversial” stuff in your pictures.
3.Don’t add random pictures just for filling the available slots.

Attention!!Write your Bio

Bio plays the primary role in this matching game. You need to know that your simple bio has a huge impact on your profile. This is the only way people get to know you. Writing a bio is like a writing a short story about yourself which people will read and will try to understand it.

Point to be noted:

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  • Keep your bio as clean as possible.
  • Be precise.
  • Be Honest.
  • Avoid being too cliches.

For example:
An avid photographer,
Loves traveling…

Your Information is really important

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Add your necessary information which will help to find a person who is compatible with you.EveEve is dating app which will find your matches based on diet, personality, interest, favorite things, etc.
You never know, how you will meet that special person.
Give them a glimpse of your personality without going overboard.
In the end, that little information will help you to meet your soulmate.

One final piece of advice

In the generation where technology rules the world,dating app like EveEve is bringing the change in dating culture of India.You just need to be you, originality matters more than anything. Be open about your ideas and opinion.
Don’t hesitate.
It’s easy to impress a girl through cheesy pickup lines but its equally important to write something catchy which will make your first impression remarkable.No one is perfect in this world, so no need to show off things which you had never done, or the kind of person you are not!
Millions of people are wandering in search of that one person who can sync with them correctly.
In the end, compatibility matters a lot.
Communicate in a way which makes the cupid hit the arrow exactly where it always meant to be…