Why EveEve is the most popular App?

Online dating culture has increased over the last 5 years and people are found of the new dating apps that give them the platform of services. Now let’s talk about a new dating app eveeve that has been getting popular on social media.

EveEve brings you a safe and cooperative environment for online dating. Also, the app surprisingly gives some special privileges to women. Women have access to more features than men. For women, they will receive requests from men who have liked their profile, and only those will be accepted to whom women have liked back. It creates safe dating place for both men women.

What is the EveEve App?

EveEve which stands for “Everytime Everywhere” is one of the best dating app which is trending in Japan even more than tinder. EveEve provides a safe dating environment.

Let talk about the EveEve App briefly.

The App has a unique feature called “Screening” which is done over 24 hours. The Screening starts after you register the account and upload your best picture. The Screening algorithm checks your profile and basic details. The “Screening ” is an important step to set up your profile. Meanwhile, the screening goes you can fill up other details listed below your profile. These extra details fasten the screening process.
EveEve app

After the screening process, there is an option of identity verification which demands one of your identity proof i.e. Adhar card, pan card, passport. This process helps in eliminating the fraud account and give the user better match results based on their preference.

EveEve also introduces users with two supporters KRISHH AND KIAARA. You can choose between anyone one of supporters. The user can resolve their queries with the help of a supporter regarding anything relating to the app.

eveeve app

Why is EveEve trending in Japan more than tinder?

eveeve India

Dating can be hard for most people. Especially in Japan because of its unique challenges. Now dating apps are more common in Japan and also in quite a trend. Today, the young people of Japan are becoming more willing to give these new legitimate dating apps a try.

Tinder is popular for its simplicity and customization of user interest and has many users around the world. But anyone who has used tinder in Japan knows the frustration of loads of matches, no replies, no dates and the awkward conversation. You have to keep the swiping done for the right match and who knows when you end with a match. These are one of the reasons the app falls back in popularity than other dating apps in Japan.

Dating apps in Japan growing in Popularity and one which trending is eveeve app. You can sign up with a Facebook profile or can create a new account. It has become a popular choice among those looking for long-term commitments. The design and aesthetic of the app lean towards women applicants which is actually surprisingly rare. Also, EveEve has a good number of women users as compared to men.


It has an interface which provides screening of candidates. The Screening show all possible results and compatibility of those who you might wish to date in the future by swiping agree or disagree. The users can like the person profile if the person liked back it a match. After the match, users can message each other.

Features of the EveEve App.

  • The simple and easy app interface
    • Good Screening for a better match.
    • Pair you with those you are most compatible with.
  • EveEve supporters KRISHH & KIAARA.
    • For any queries relating to the app, users can ask the app supporters
  • Join communities to meet new people with the same interests or create your own one.

Is EveEve Secure?

Yes, it is because it has an advanced screening algorithm that detects the fake profiles and helps in eliminating them. It has an identity verification which further helps in keeping real profiles of people.

Finding a new partner or loved one can be a challenging process, but EveEve makes it easier and a bit more fun.