EveEve is not for hook-ups!

Let’s switch to the EveEve app..


We Indians leading structured and well-planned lives is one of the primary reasons why we have tended not to have a dating culture. To break the stereotype that “Dating apps are only meant for hooking up.”
EveEve was introduced recently in India which let you find a person not just for dating but also for a serious relationship.
To change the culture of dating app, EveEve app launched with the motto that you can find your soulmate ‘Every time Everywhere.’

EveEve:It’s easy, It’s fun and safest app to meet new people.
The eveeve app helps the user to find that potential stranger who you wished to date in future.EveEve app has lots of features which itself proves that it’s not just for hooking up or one night stand.EveEve app earns a safe and secure environment for women in India. This app provides women the benefits in various ways.
First, it has an identity verification option which leaves no footprints of fake profiles.
Second, it has a separate option for watching the screening candidates so you can swipe right and date in the nearby future.
Third, it’s convenient as it won’t let creepy people message you unless you had liked them back!

One step towards love..

EveEve is unique as it let two people understand each other in just one glimpse. Someone out there once said opposite attracts and that’s true as eveeve let you find the date you always dreamt of.
The‘setting up’ preference in this app help you perfectly.
The concept of the EveEve app is beyond the culture of dating.
EveEve is an app where you can find people who are looking for true love and not just for casual hookups. As our generation is moving towards the technology, people are getting more aware of fake and false apps in play store.

EveEve is beyond the hook-up culture:

Hook-up has become so readily available that people don’t connect on a deeper level, there are no attachments.
The real concept of love is lost cause of all dating apps in India.
We Indian are bound to follow the tradition even if we are on numerous dating apps.EveEve is developed with the mindset of Indians where all aspects are essential.

Love is still the answer..

EveEve believe that,
Love,the concept of finding that magical chair where the world seems beautiful not just in a great time but it seems worth it in worst time!
Accordingly, we think every person deserves their happy ending.
You never know, where your soulmate might be hiding in those stack of the profile so keep liking people whom you are interested in. Cause, in the end, the answer is still to love fearlessly.