Does EveEve really work in India?

Dating is not what it supposed to be just a few years ago in India, and the entire dating culture has progressed and still growing online today. No more staggering to approach someone when you got the EveEve App. Let EveEve be your cupid of love.

Start something new with EveEve?

eve eve app
EveEve is one of the famous and popular dating app that connects you with hundreds of thousands of people nearby and all over in India. When we say let eveeve be your cupid because it provides you with a better dating platform also gives security of dating.

“It is said that you should date someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant.”
But of course, the course of true love is never smooth.

You may have thought let give a try or when you are ready to take a step in a relationship. The important thing is you take a step forward, and a little approach will change things for you.
Now the app is available in GooglePlay store.

How does EveEve work in India?

You must be thinking does eveeve really working India?
Are people using the app or not? What is its rating and such?

The answer is yes.
It does, even the app has been launched recently, it has a good number of subscribers. The app is rising the charts of dating apps and is becoming popular especially among youngsters. The eveeve app gives you a secure and perfect place for dating. It provides a two-step verification process which helps in maintaining the profile of the users.

India has his stereotypes, but dating in India is not uncommon, and people give a good response to it. In this time and day, many dating apps provide an excellent platform for dating. And India is not behind in this dating culture. India has the highest number of registration on the dating apps.
Even though there are problem-related to casual dating in India, one can easily connect to each other as we are now more exposed to the world from a young age and have the knowledge and know where and how it’s going better than our previous generations. It is the same with dating online also where you find someone of your match, and if things are well, you get to know the person more.

Find that SomeOne On EveEve:

“You don’t meet people by accident. There always a reason.” say the words. Find your someone with EveEve, the one who would make you think yes I wish to date him/her or yes she/he is the right one for me. It easy to find a match on eveeve as you get preferences based on your compatibility with others. And for that to happen, you must create a proper profile. Know how to use the EveEve app?.

Wish to start a conversation, but how?

Even when you are matched the difficult part is how you are going to start a conversation. Of course, you are not going to be the only one messaging her/him. Since women are flooded with messages more than men so when you drop a message it should grab your match attention and catch her curiosity, try to send something more creative than a “hi”.
Make the talk less creepy or sexual just keep a humorous and funny way of talking. If you can move forward the conversation then you may have a chance to win the date.
Following is the do’s and don’ts of what you should include in your conversation.


    • Start the conversation by sending the message which piques their curiosity.
    • State something of their profile picture or from their bio.
    • You can start with a simple compliment not necessary on her looks only.
  • Ask question to know your match better.


    • Don’t ever start with just a “hi” when starting a conversation.
    • Do not send message after message if she/he do not reply.
    • Don’t send a message which consists of big paragraphs.
  • Do not be impatience and don’t air your anger on the conversation. It will leave a negative effect on the opposite person.