Does EveEve really get you a perfect match?

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Dating is a part of life for millions of people. So when it comes to love, we search for companionship, friendship and a commitment in a relationship that would help us to grow better. Most of the people meet new partners on online dating platforms, and few are ready to meet in person. But to all these, you should give a thought of how to be safe especially women applicants.

Dating online comes up with its own pros and cons. From casual meeting to dates everything is possible on online dating apps. Users have options for dating apps which is just a few searches away.

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Why should you use EveEve App?

We live in a world where dating apps have various ways to find you a match based on your preference. And finding a date is more natural as we swipe through the different profile in the apps. But how much do we know that these users or profile are not fake?. That everything that these apps provide is real or fake. Denying will not satisfy the users that online dating is safe of these fakes and frauds.

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So if you are looking for a dating app that comes with a safe environment with satisfying services, then EveEve is the one. Eveeve comes with the safe and secure platform for dating. It comes with two-step verification for applicants to actually get into the app.














EveEve app brings you a user-friendly interface with two-step verification and this verification is an important process that will be first judged by the existing user than by the app team will also verify the user based on the identity provided by the user. This helps in eliminating the fake user’s profile and maintaining the safety of the app.

How to get matches on EveEve?

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If you want to increase the number of matches on eveeve there are some basics things you should keep in mind while creating your profile. The chances of matches increase with the compatibility of other users. Following points will definitely increase your matching chances.


It is recommended that keep your best photo that will help to pass the screening process. Keep it natural, keep it decent. Pick an image which will describe you the best.

2)Self Introduction:

A small intro about yourself is necessary from your other details. Make your self-introduction a little descriptive as it will help people to know you better. You don’t need to be poetic or sarcastic in any way, but a little sweet and short introduction will be of great!

3)Your Profile Details:

Now eveeve provides a list of option to set a good profile. Fill the details specifically, your details helps in selecting better match results. The more you are specific about your details, the better compatibility you get.

4)Setting your Preferences:

Not only you get the option for basic details you also get preferable choices to make. So there are preferences that you have to set for example age range, diet, personality and etc.

Get the EveEve app from the GooglePlay store.