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How is Tinder in India

Tinder has become synonymous to dating and casual hook-ups for the millennial generation. It has made the concept of online dating on mobiles more socially acceptable. The founder of the much sought after dating app has stated that the phone is one of the most intimate possession we own in this day and age and so much so that they have become an extension of who we are.

The dating app is quite extensive with it being available in 24 languages and over 25 million members with over 1 million paid Tinder plus users. Downloading tinder is free of cost and are now also available in a website form allowing you to match and check your messages on your internet browser.

This social dating app can be said to be a glorified version of the teenage game hot –or-not, where over the years the developer of Tinder have  introduced concepts such a super like and boost your profile almost making it a gaming app rather than a dating app. The casualness of this dating app has been worn by the developers of tinder quite proudly. However when you go online on Tinder it can be seen that everyone is requesting for serious conversations only.

There is no need to create a profile on tinder especially if you use your Facebook account to sign up for tinder. Tinder accesses the photos from your Facebook and doesn’t require many other details to be filled in. The app uses as  basis of matching two individuals their location and age both of which can be controlled by the user. Up to six photos can be to the dating app included and they can be chosen from your Instagram, phone or Facebook.

The process of matching on Tinder is also quite simple and rather superficial. The dating app matches takes place on the basis of photos that have been provided by the user. Rest is just swipe, right is you like what you see, left if you don’t. other information that has been provided by the app as well like how far away they are, how long ago they were active, as well as an “about” section where people can leave a little information about themselves. The best part about Tinder is that the match needs to be mutually approved of if you don’t approve off the person who swiped right on you then there isn’t really much that they can do.

The beauty of tinder is that they have made dating fun. As casually as the dating app is used it has clearly taken away the taboo of dating online. It is fun and easy and most importantly everyone is talking about it.

Tinder also does not look into the aspect of your Facebook relationship status thereby making it rather easy to cheat. This aspect may also be a reason by Tinder despite being a relationship app is mostly used for hook ups. There isn’t much of filtering on the app as it is based off whether or not an individual’s profile picture is likable or not. However it’s easy of use is in fact attracting people to use it.

Tinder’s Positives and Nagatives

Positives of Tinder Negatives of Tinder
Free download and use on any  smartphone (iOS or Android) and website as tinder.com Appealing for hook ups as the investment is quite low.
Simple to use – no need to make a profile No verification process as Facebook is used and individuals could use fake profiles
Swipe left or right to accept or reject an individual. Relationship status on Facebook not considered by this app
Frequently changing users as they are location based. Not much information provided about the match before you meet – sometimes none at all if they don’t include a tag or description
Can be used simply is social situations Can’t search for matches with similar interests – have to scroll through each match given
Allows a quicker connection that traditional websites Can’t “look back” and reconsider someone because you have to choose “yes” or “no” to move on to the next candidate. When you reject, they are gone
Constant new people on the app as it is purely location based Membership upgrades use an age-based pricing model. For older singles Tinder is more expensive to use


Tinder’s reviews

Reviews of Tinder
indian man1
Downloaded it and liked it. Next day it brings me back to the setup. Says im still logged in but makes me have to put all my info back in. But it still doesnt work, just gives me a messege that says oops. I already had some matches and it wont let me back in. Then started another account and upg…
Source:Tinder GooglePlay

indian Woman1
jeni jarden
Was having so much fun but after moving to my new place the app completely died, it would only work on data? And it isn’t my WiFi cuz it worked fine the first 3 days here. Uninstalled and reinstalled to find none of the pictures loading! Kinda upset cuz it was good craic
Source:Tinder GooglePlay

Types of Tinder Memberships

Plan name Price Content
Free membership with a Facebook account
  • Free
  • Accept or reject a person
  • Geographic parameters can be set
  • age perimeters can be set
  • brief description
  • Can see common Facebook friends and interests
  • 6 photos from Facebook, phone uploads, or Instagram
  • Swipe right or left
  • Option of Super Like
  • can start messaging once accepted mutually
  • list can be created to see all likes
  • Quick and easy to get to the messaging part as long as there is a mutual accept
  • Easily accessible customer service through app
  • Meet new people in other cities
  • No space to reconsider last swipe as you cannot go back
  • New people each time you log in
Tinder Plus
  • 12 months – 283.25/month,
  • 6 month- 358.17/ month,
  • 1 month- 749.00/ month
  • Prices differ in other countries. Discount offered for those who choose to subscribe for longer periods of time
  • Rewind – return to the last person you left swiped
  • profile boosts
  • Ad-free experience
Tinder Gold
  • 12 month – Rs. 508.33
  • 6 month- Rs. 649.83
  • 1 month- Rs. 1099
  • A premium subscription experience
  • Prices differ in other countries.
  • All features of Tinder Plus
  • Likes You – See who likes you before you swipe
  • See all your Likes on the same screen as a gallery and see if they liked you
  • Five Super Likes per day
Tinder Boost
  • Starting at Rs. 194.40 for 10 boosts
  • Packages of Boosts are available at discount prices
  • ascertains that your profile is the first one to be seen
  • A Boost lasts for 30 minutes
  • Available for free with a monthly Tinder Plus subscription

(Prices have been last checked on 21st May 2018 for India ONLY.