Apps Like Tinder!!

Apps Like Tinder

Tinder is storming the online dating market with the lightning speed. Tinder has completely changed the concept of online dating. Unlike other social media apps where someone can view your profile without your consent, Tinder with its features allows the user to like the other users profile just by swiping right. If both users swipe right it allows you to chat within the app. Tinder dating is mostly based on the appearances and is a location based social search. So if this not what you are looking for then in last few years 8 other apps like tinder are also an alternative to choose from.

8 Apps like Tinder



Happn is another top most rated dating app which uses your phones location. So the idea that helps you meet new people around you that you have never spoken or met but have always crossed paths with many times.Unlike Tinder you can view as many profiles a day and can start a conversation. Unique reason to use this app like tinder is everytime you cross paths with another Happn app user you are notified also the number of times you have crossed paths with them. Happn also has a feature to crush the profile you like just like the superlike option on Tinder.

2.Truly Madly

Truly Madly is another dating app which has managed to create some popularity in the youth. Unlike Tinder this app does not only finds you a match on basis of your age and location but also other interests and preferences are considered. Something very unique about this app like Tinder is the trust score.You can ask your friend to endorse about you to get higher trust score. Truly Madly makes dating more interesting by adding few games such as Hocus Focus, Foodie Funda etc.. for the users to understand each other better.

Truly Madly


Woo is a dating and a matchmaking app which helps you find your match using location and preferences. This app mainly focuses on the well educated professionals. This app like Tinder has also the same features of liking or disliking the profile of the other user just by swiping right or left also can start with a chat once liked by both the users. Woo unlike other dating apps has more emphasised over the safety and security of women and has many other features specially designed for women such as Woo Phone, Woo Secret, etc.


This Tinder like app focuses over the quality of behaviour of the user.Hinge also makes it is compulsory to have a mutual friend on Facebook with your match which according to the app makers is the most reliable way to find a probable match for you than just a casual date. The makers of the app Hinge call it a relationship app.


Unlike Tinder and other dating apps EkCoffee has its unique way of finding you a date which can turn out to be into a serious date. This app allows you to chat with your match but unlike Tinder and other apps you can choose to have a conversation with just one match at time. This kind of conversation could help you understand an individual better and easily. If your match agrees for a date EkCoffee also suggests for a good place in the city. This Tinder like app can be an alternative for who hookups are not an option and are looking for a serious dating.



An app that has made dating fun and interesting and dating here is emphasised over your looks. Once you sign up for Frivil random pictures of some users are shown up on your profile and you need to rank them on basis of how attractive they are.The more attractive people you pick your popularity score gets better. A notification is been sent to you when you lose or win the match. At the end of the day you become eligible to participate in the league where you find new people and can have a chat with them. Frivil An unique way of choosing your match and date.


An another dating app which has completely different way of finding you a probable match. Unlike Tinder and other dating apps to start a conversation with your match on Aisle the user needs to pay and the user who receives the invite connects for free.Aisle is not just for casual dates but the one who are looking for a serious relationship can give it a try.



If you are looking for an app that helps you find a date and are also concerned about your safety here is this app for you. Bloomy is just another app like Tinder but has taken an extra effort for your profile safety. Bloomy promises to keep all your details safe and they ensure that every users identity is verified personally by visiting them by the staff member.

Tinder or Apps like Tinder! What would you choose?


Many options to choose from. If you feel Tinder is the only option and yet not happy with the features it provides, you can choose what’s your cup of tea. Every app has its own unique way of finding you your soulmate so choose that you love.