Best dating apps for India in 2018


Dating apps are gaining momentum in India. It is a great way to know and socialise people. The number of people using these dating sites are increasing by each passing day. Among the sea of dating apps, it is essential to find the one that suit your preferences. Whether it is the prospect of getting married, getting into a relationship or casual dates – there is a solution for all this online. It is essential for the user to have the experience they desire. Here are few dating apps that will help to get in the game.

 #1. EveEve

EveEve Image1    

This upcoming app is a highly recommended which suits it’s user’s preference. EveEve is an upcoming app, which has gained significant popularity in Japan. There is a unique evaluating system to register on this app. Firstly, the applicant is evaluated by the existing users on the app. Later, the applicant is reviewed by the operation staff of this app. You can tap the “Like” button, once you have found the person that interests you. The best part about this app is that it requires official identification, which makes it easy to avoid the scam profiles. The benefit of using this app is that you can choose the purpose that best suits you, whether it is making a friend or going out on a date or finding a marriage partner. The variety of searches regarding the religion, language, hobbies make the process more convenient for the user. EveEve has favourable reviews by its users. This app has great potential for people looking for a long-term relationship.

  • Japan’s #1 dating app
  • Requires official identification
  • Variety of filters: religion, language, jobs, education, hobby, height, body structure.


  : They said I could get 500 yen off of an entrance fee for downloading this app.

#2. Tinder


Tinder is a widely used app all-over the world. It requires the user to register via Facebook with a minimum registration age of 18 years. After that it is a game of swiping left and right, according to the user’s preference. If both the users swipe right, then it is a match! There are variety of features on this app, which can be activated after purchasing the upgrades. The upgrade includes unlimited ‘Swipe Right’ feature. Tinder Gold comes with added benefits which includes Rewind, Passport, five Superlikes pre day along with unlimited Like feature. This app is notoriously known for casual dating rather than traditional relationships.

  • Facebook registration
  • Upgrades available
  • Very popular


 : I was dubious to start with but it turned out to work well. Great little app!

: I can’t update my bio which awful



TrulyMadly is a reliable platform for finding the perfect match. It is a great way to meet like-minded people though this app. The most important feature is Trust Score, which validates the user’s credibility on this app. The Trust Score is made up of all the information provided by the user which includes the phone number, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile and the user’s photograph. The user can ‘Hide’ the people they are not interested in and ‘Like’ the people they show interest in. It is important to complete the verification process to interact with other users. This app ensures privacy and safety of information. It is a decent app to find prospect partners. The app matches according to the user’s preferences with respect to height, country and eating habits. The algorithm helps to find a suitable candidate for the user.

  • Reliable platform
  • Trust Score provides credibility
  • Ensures safety and privacy


Not get notifications on time.other person who is waiting for Message get annoyed sometimes . Rest App is very good. 95% genuine profiles i found. Which is greater than any other app(tinder, happn). Please increase daily profile limits.

: Really!!! One profile a day and limit is over? I think this application should be reported as fake. Yoti n play poker that’s the story whole day. Most irritating app ever seen.

#4. Woo


Woo is aimed at providing a safe experience for women online. Woo helps connect like-minded people on this site. It has variety of features which provide women a better chance at dating. Making it a safe-haven for women to find their suitable partners.The app helps to keep women’s information confidential. It helps  women safeguard their number from people online. The app has faced a lot of criticism about lack of profiles to meet other users.

  • Safe experience for women
  • Safeguards women’s details such as phone number
  • Lack of profiles


 : In love with this app. Helped to find my match with interest we shared. And I could call people without actually revealing my no. Thats such a bonus for a dating app. Not only date, I made some really good friends through this app. It’s amaaaaazinngg

:Worst App.. showing visitors but all are fake.. none responded… Even after member ship provide no extra features and details.. Don’t Download or get membership.

#5. Moco


Moco is a great place for people to hangout in chat rooms and forums. It has the facility of private and group chats, that includes video calls and voice messages. It enables to search people by age, gender, location and sexual preference. The app helps you customise messages with emoticons, themes and font. This app has been met with positive reviews by their users. The app has a BFF mode which makes it easy to engage in conversations and initiate friendship.

  • Excellent chatrooms and online forums
  • Includes video calls and voice messages
  • Easy to initiate friendship


 : It’s been a while since I’ve used this application but everything seems to be working a lot better than before so I’ll give it 5 stars again.

:The ads are really bad. Every time I close the app its due to ads and theres no way to shut down the app in the app you have manually shut it down under apps running or device manager

#6. Okcupid


Okcupid requires a paid subscription for members to know who like each other. The app requires the user to answer an intensive questionnaire about their preferences. It is a popular dating site that helps people find potential mates. Okcupid can be used for free, although with a subscription fee one can avail many more features. This app gives match compatibility and enemy compatibility in form of percentages, which help the users make an informed choice.

  • Intensive questionnaire about preferences
  • Gives match compatibility and enemy compatibilty
  • It is a popular site


 : This is a fairly good free membership service for finding friends and lovers alike. There will always be those peeps just looking to hook up but you can easily avoid them if that’s not what you are seeking. The matching software really does a good job of letting you know how compatable you potentially are or are not with someone before you ever message them. And speaking of the matching software, the questions are well defined and thought provoking. Additionally, the user moderators are doing a good job of flagging for removal inappropriate user content.

:This app used to be awesome. Now it’s just like any other dating app. The NearBy feature is never accurate. As in showing me matches from another State. NO viewed me feature. Paid subscription features are below average. Bring back the old OKC!

#7. Hinge


Hinge is available to people above 13 years of age. It introduces people with their friend’s friends. You can set your preferences on this app, regarding height, age and religion. It is a great way to initiate relationships. It has great reviews by its users. The app has easy to use and reliable. The main aim is to avoid random people on the internet, and connect with people with their friend’s friends. The app requires a Facebook login.

  • Registration age above 13 years old
  • Takes into consideration preferences
  • Easy to use


A breath of fresh air from the shallowness of tinder. The app focuses on the aspects of personality you would like to highlight, rather than merely pics. Plus the crowd is the kind looking for something serious, true to what the app wants to identify itself as. Just one suggestion- market it effectively and it can overtake tinder easily!

: It’s not giving matches in the area or age range.

#8. Aisle


To subscribe to aisle, it is essential to apply for the membership. This app is meant for healthy and long lasting relationships. This is not for people engaging in casual relationship. It is a closed community. After the registration, the credentials are reviewed by their team. If you are looking for a relationship, this is the perfect app for you!

  • Closed community
  • Credentials reviewed by the team
  • Used for relationships


 : So far the platform and user interface is good. Its different from tinder.Lets you know peope a bit better and probably better for people who are in for a bit serious relationship.

: My profile isnt being verified since a long time. I have no clue on the status despite having applied twice. I would suggest against installing this. Despite providing all info, it isn’t allowing access.

#9. Frivil

To find matches on Frivil, it is essential to be popular. The app shows you two people, and the user has to choose the one they are interested in. The users get ranked according to the times they have been chosen by other members on the app. The idea of this app is to find people as attractive as you are. This app is an interesting concept, if you are looking to find a mate as good-looking as you are.

  • Popularity is important
  • Aim to find a member as good-looking of the opposite sex
  • Very fun


 : Love it! I have used a lot of apps of the kind, but this one beats them all. Highly impressed.

Wont start at all This app used to work on my old phone… Now I’ve shifted to Xiaomi Note 3 and the app won’t start…. On the first start, it asked for gps permissions and after that it won’t go past split screen… I just see the frivil logo that’s it!!

#10. Hookedup


Hookedup is a great way to meet people you share preferences with. This app has a strict verification process to make it credible. In this app, you have an option to Show Later or Reject, which allows the user the choice to make decision in the near future. This app doesn’t have any in-app purchases. The app divides the users in the age bracket of 13 years to 17 years and people above 18 years old. It protects the minors. This app was well received by it’s users.

  • Very strict verification process
  • Show Later option
  • Simple to use


 : Fantastic idea.It has everything to be a great app.well done guys.

: No profile comes even in the range of 200 km radius from the centre of gurgaon. Such a pathetic app.